Three People Healed from One Word of Knowledge

I got a word of knowledge from God one evening to pray for those with fibromyalgia and all over body pain. Three people came up right away. The first woman had intense lower abdomen pain, back and knee pain. I commanded it to leave her back, and she got healed. Then commanded it to leave her knees. Not much movement. Then went to the abdomen and realized she needed to forgive. When she did, the abdomen went pain-free, and she checked her knees again, and the pain was gone!

The next person had intense back pain at a pain level 8 and hand pain at 10. After several commands and speaking to her back, it got healed, but her hands were still at level 10. I prayed again. This time with the translator and her children laying hands on her too, and it came to 5. Once again with all of us, and it came down to a 1. Yay God!

The last one was a man with back and arm pain. Commanding it to go, it wasn’t moving, and he didn’t look encouraged, but it finally went out of his back when the interpreter started to translate every prayer so he could understand. Then, his faith lifted, and I prayed for his arms. They got 100% healed too. Now he was really smiling!  Thank you Jesus!       -Nancy, Pastor

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