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Three Healeed After Word of Knowledge

I got a word of knowledge for pain in the cheek radiating to the temple and three people came up to me for prayer. The first man was a young guy with pain in his temple. He had had the condition for a long time.

I laid hands on his head and commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name and spoke peace into his body. He was only about 10% healed, so I prayed for him again and the pain left completely.

The next person was an elderly lady who had constant tears in her right eye and had had that for a long time. I commanded the pain to leave and the tears to stop. Her pain was only healed about 8%, so I prayed for her again and the pain left completely.

The third person was a man who was partially healed when the word of knowledge was given. When he came up to me, I prayed for him once and the pain left some more but not completely. I prayed again and it was 100% gone.  His pain had been from an infection in his sinus. – Author Unknown

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