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Three Women Experience Inner Healing

A young woman asked prayer for fear of having a relationship after breaking up with someone a while ago. She did repeat after me prayers repenting of any way she had partnered with fear. 

She handed her fears to Holy Spirit and commanded them to go. She asked what He wanted to give her in place of fear. He gave her peace. She asked how He saw her. He saw her as beautiful. She asked if she had reason to be concerned about future. She saw doors opening. She said that in the past He had told her doors would be opening but lately she was doubtful that would happen now. She was excited to see doors opening again. She was visibly touched and crying. 

Another young woman asked prayer for her relationship with her  brother and concern for his salvation. I had her ask Holy Spirit what He had to say about the situation. She heard fear. She repented of ways she partnered with fear. She commanded it to leave. She was flooded with peace. 

Finally a young mother was depressed and couldn’t break out of it. I prayed for inner healing, forgiveness, broke agreement with lies and released a spirit of joy. I saw her again that night and the next day. Her countenance was totally changed and she was filled with contagious joy and laughter. – Mariruth, Retired

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