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Three Women Leave Pain Free after Prayer!

A young woman came to me in response to my word of knowledge (pain in right ankle). She had just responded to the salvation altar call a few minutes earlier so receiving 100% healing after a short commanding prayer was a big deal to her.

A middle-aged Indian woman had pain in both knees and her right ankle. Her right knee and ankle were 100% healed after a commanding prayer, while her left knee was only 50%. After two more prayers, all of her pain was gone and she was overjoyed to be able to walk away pain free.

A young woman in her mid-twenties responded to my word of knowledge about flank pain. She also had pain that ran down her spine. While praying for her, I received another word of knowledge about some woundedness in her heart as well. She revealed to me that she thought she might be pregnant. (She is married). I had an impression that she was oppressed in her marriage. We prayed some forgiveness prayers and released fear of the future to the Lord. The presence of God just fell upon her in a very tangible way, and her back was 100% healed, full of joy and with a big smile on her face. – Peggy 

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