Three Women Touched by Holy Laughter. Refreshing & Healing Comes

During the morning prayer session at the Four Square church, I had been feeling off balance and having difficulty concentrating. My eyes were swollen and I felt a lot of pressure behind my eyes, sinuses and forehead. 

I felt emotionally drained and somewhat discouraged that I wasn’t more excited and able to enjoy with the group. My typical response would be to withdraw but I didn’t want to miss out on any precious moments of this trip. During the time of impartation, I saw the Holy Spirit move on two women who were weeping. I asked if I could lay my hands on them and they agreed. I placed my fingers on the top of each head, and laughter fell upon each of us. It shook our bodies and as it flowed stronger, I felt it coming deeply from the stomach like the deepest belly laugh! I had witnessed this many times but had never experience it for myself. I felt such freedom for myself and was blessed that God had used me to be an instrument to bring this joy to the women. As I released my touch (after one to two minutes), I left them praising God with laughter. I noticed all my symptoms were gone. My head was clear. I could see and concentrate. I felt in balance. I had experienced supernatural healing and I want to glorify God with my testimony over and over! –Jennifer

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