Tingling in Hands Leads to Three Healings in Short Time Frame

It all started on a warm day of the week, we were sitting at the best American-Indian restaurant ever. We had just finished eating when Rolland Baker thought that it would be fun to walk around and slay people with the Spirit. I was one of them. 

I felt like a fainting bout! I was conscious but paralyzed. It was incredible. My whole body was tingling and on the whole ride home my hands just had this powerful electricity radiating through my skin.

We debriefed and started praying and prophesying over one another. I was a part of a couple people praying for my friend, Joel, who had shoulder injury. It was an old injury. We prayed and he was 75 percent healed, which was great. But we prayed again and the Holy Spirit moved again. He was 100 percent healed. Needless to say, I was happy! Then we prayed for a lady on our team named Kathy who had damaged eardrums from when she was younger. We prayed and the Spirit moved, she got incrementally better as we prayed four times for her. Suddenly she said that her ears opened and “the volume just got turned way up”. Praise God!! After that my hands still had that tingling/electricity, so I knew that the Holy Spirit still had something to do through me. I prayed a couple other people with not result! But we kept praying. Then I prayed for my dad (Johan) who a terrible toothache. We laid hands on him and it moved. So we cast a spirit of pain out of his face in Jesus’ name and it was gone! Then we ran out of people to pray for and we just sat there soaking. It was awesome! Thank you, Jesus!!!– Gian, student

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