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Tingling & Numbness Accompany Healings!

A woman named Patrice asked for prayer for multiple things. I prayed for one thing at a time. Her knee was bone on bone and in constant pain for several months.

I prayed several times, each time it got a little better until all pain was gone and she felt a tingling sensation. When I prayed for her back, the pain changed. So I rebuked a spirit of affliction from her and commanded pain to leave. Again the pain was gone and she felt tingling. When I prayed for her jaw/mouth, she said she had been in pain for about six months, ever since the dentist removed a tooth. So I broke off any trauma and released her from this incident. I had to pray about four times, but on the fourth she said it felt like she had received the shot from the dentist and her mouth was numb. We believe Jesus was performing heavenly surgery and blessed what He was doing in her. I asked her to open her mouth wide and when she did, the pain was gone. – Nancy, Production Manager
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