Tinnitus Goes after Forgiveness Flows

At noon today, during our healing service, a woman requested prayer for her tinnitus (ringing/noise in her ears), insomnia and depression. Her doctor prescribed an anti-depressant for her symptoms. 

I prayed for all her symptoms and she did not feel any improvement. I then asked her if she had a traumatic event in the last year and she suddenly broke down crying. She shared with me that her husband who was a church member had an affair with another woman. The woman had been a good friend of hers. She admitted that she was unable to forgive her husband for cheating on her. With her agreement, I led her through a prayer of forgiveness towards her husband. I lifted her burden of pain and hurt to God for healing and restoration. We prayed that God would intervene and touch her husband’s life and that He would heal and restore their marriage. When we finished the prayer the woman stood up from her kneeling position and told me that the noise in her ears was completely gone. She said that after the prayer she felt this pressure lift off her chest and she experienced freedom and peace. She was happy and rejoiced for God’s healing. – Gloria,  Global School Student

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