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A guy that does Jiu Jitsu (karate) had two very painful damaged disks (L4 & L5) in his lower back that doctors told him were incurable. He had had this condition for four years and thought he got injured from fighting. 

Mark and Dan invited the Holy Spirit to come and went through the prayer steps about four times. He didn’t feel anything and his condition didn’t change. We prayed again and this time he felt the pain move two inches from the right to the left side of his lower back. We immediately assumed it was a spirit of affliction. We took authority over it, breaking its assignment and then we asked him if he felt better. He said yes, from 40% to 60% better. Mark thought there was unforgiveness towards the person who injured him.

At this point, Tammy joined in and we continued praying against the spirit of affliction. Tammy saw a knife stab in the back and called it backstabbing. She also sensed unforgiveness and generational curses. We took authority over all of this. Mark saw a warrior throwing a spear into his back. He thought it was witchcraft. He took authority over witchcraft and Mark “pulled” the spear out of his back! Suddenly his pain intensified and he started sweating profusely, looking pale and weak. He said he felt extremely hot. He started to look like he was in agony, distressed at the pain level. In the meantime all three of us were ministering.

Tammy asked him to breathe in and out three times. The first two times he seemed to feel intense pain. Then he took the last breath and relief came! He indicated that the pain had all left and he was 100% better. He checked out his body, bent over, moved around and tried things he couldn’t do before. We all jumped and danced praising God!

When we asked him to describe what he felt, he said he felt as if there was something sharp in his back and it felt like something was being pulled out. He was animated and happy, thanking us and praising God. He also pointed out that while we were praying, he felt that he had to deal with some unforgiveness towards his father. Although we had felt unforgiveness, we couldn’t convey this, but he dealt with it himself anyway! On review, we also discovered that Tammy had also been praying against unbelief.

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