Touched by God

I signed up for intercession during the meeting. During that time, the Lord showed those of us praying some of the people we would be praying for. One of the things we heard was ‘relationships among family.’ I had the opportunity to pray for three young girls who wanted prayer for emotional healing in their relationships with their mothers. All three experienced the Lord’s touch and felt healed.

I also prayed for two women who received physical healing. An elderly woman with pain in her knees and shoulders said she had zero pain after I prayed. A young girl asked for prayer for migraines. She had suffered since being a little girl. I felt the Lord say it was rooted in trauma and even though she couldn’t remember the incident(s), her subconscious could. The Lord said to break trauma off of her. As we prayed the migraine left all but one spot of her head. We prayed some more and she said it was 100% gone.

Kala Y, Self Employed

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