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Translator’s Mother Emotionally Healed!

After a powerful teaching by Mike Hutchings, the team lined up to pray for people. I stood in the line in front and prayed for one person. An interpreter was there to help me. But once I was finished with the first person, I looked out past the people lined up front.

I saw an elderly woman and our eyes met. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to go to her, so I told the interpreter to follow me. As we approached the lady, the interpreter told me the lady was her mother! This mother had started crying as soon as we got to her. I could feel the burden she was carrying. I sensed the pain in her soul and the feeling of unworthiness, although she knew the Lord. As I began to pray, she covered her face and head tightly with her arms and dropped to her knees. I commanded the spirit of shame off of her (among other things) and declared the Father’s heart and thoughts for her. I told her to open up her heart and mind and receive His Love like a flower receives the sun’s light. She began to relax and let her arms down. I waited a couple minutes while Holy Spirit worked. Then she lifted her face and hands to heaven. Peace came over her and the tears stopped and a peaceful smile came on her face. We helped her to her feet and sat her down allowing her to rest in His Presence. The interpreter told me she had been praying for this exact thing to happen and that this was the answer to her prayers!
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