Trauma From Rape Healed

We prayed for a young lady who was sobbing and shaking and unable to tell us what was wrong. She appeared to be manifesting something. I believed I got a word of knowledge that she had been raped when she was younger. 

It actually matched up with the only word of knowledge I got that night, which was for sexual abuse. I started quietly praying against the spirit of trauma and then for wholeness. Shannon was praying for deliverance and healing from torment and trauma. In my prayer language, I suddenly realized I had said, “Go STD” three times. I shared this with Shannon and we started praying for healing for that. When the girl fell out, we conferred for a little bit, realized we were getting similar impressions, and kept praying. She started to make weird body movements and to speak in tongues. We listened closely, and I just started whispering “Jesus is Lord, Jesus esta Senhor” in her ear over and over. She smiled and did not contradict me, and her tongues were sweet sounding. We stayed with her until she woke up. Then we snagged an interpreter and asked her what she had needed prayer for and what God had done for her and how she was feeling now. She was crying and smiling. She said she wanted to be closer to God but had always felt a block there. But when we prayed, God touched her and she felt peace and joy.

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