Trip Reports

Read what it’s like on our trips, find statistics of healings & salvations, and for those who have travelled with us, relive your experience here!

United Kingdom

26 of us travelled from Australia, USA, Iceland, Canada and the United Kingdom excited to partner with Global Awakening and expectant to see God’s Kingdom come in the UK. The journey had not been without difficulty. However with much prayer, the Lord brought us together in Bedford.

The trip started with a team dinner and impartation. As well as getting to know one another, we experienced the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit as we came together. The impartation saw many of us powerfully moved by the Lord and set the tone for our ministry the next day.

We spent 3 days on team with Randy Clark in Bedford. We were encouraged to bring words of knowledge for healing each evening and saw the Lord heal a number of people before we invited them forward for prayer. As we began to lay hands on people, we witnessed the Holy Spirit heal all types of sickness and injuries. Many were also filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, giving us plenty of practice at being ‘catchers’!

We continued our trip with Alan Hawkins in Milton Keynes, London and Blackburn. He spoke to the churches about revival and emphasised the importance of stewarding the line between chaos and order. We were amazed at the hunger of the congregations for more of God’s presence and saw many more healings, deliverances and anointing.

A personal highlight was doing street ministry in Bedford and Blackburn. This was different to my previous experience because rather than feeling a nervousness in anticipation, I was filled with the love and peace of Jesus. It was great to work as a team and we all had different gifts to bring. On the streets of Blackburn we saw 16 people healed, 1 person give their life to Jesus and witnessed the love of God to a number of others.

Lastly, it was wonderful to a part of a group which came together as a loving family. Hotel staff were deeply moved by how we acted towards one another and we were told it was a hot topic of conversation behind the scenes. I personally gained so much wisdom through listening to their testimonies and we were able to spur each other to go deeper with Jesus.

It was truly a memorable trip!