Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

Word of Knowledge for Prisoner to See His Son

When we visited the men’s prison, Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge that one man’s youngest son was named John. I asked him if he had a son named John, and he broke out in tears. I did too. I told him that he was to play a major role in his son’s life. He said he had only seen his son twice in five years, and believed he would never see him again. I told him that God had other plans, and he would see (or make contact with) his son within the next 12 months.

Next, I prayed for someone with asthma and witnessed the wheezing stop. - Beverly, Evangelist/PT HS Teacher