Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

Prayer Heals a Woman Who Had a Condition that Doctors Had No Cure

A middle-aged woman who had been bitten by a mosquito six months prior and had developed chronic painful joints to both hands, fingers, knee and hip joints. She also complained of associated swelling and inflammation to her abdomen.
She was initially examined and diagnosed by her physician but apparently there was no cure for this condition. I prayed for her a couple of times and her symptoms completely resolved. She had no more pain and was very happy with her healing. Because we had no interpreter except for a brief moment with her son who spoke some English, I was not able to get as much detail as I would have desired. Fortunately using my Spanish language I was able to communicate more effectively with her Portuguese than using just my English allowed. - Gloria