Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

Set Free From Fear of Water

God blessed, touched and healed me in so many ways on this trip. I was set free from the fear of water, swimming (I almost drowned three times) and the inability to open my eyes under water. 
After I was taught how to snorkel even though I can't swim, I actually went snorkeling!

One night I experienced a rat attack in the latrine! I went back with team and had joy and laughter. Later I actually went to the latrine one night with no light.

This trip opened my eyes to a new world. Heidi prophesied new dimensions in God over me. I received an Impartation of joy. I had been praying for months for this. Rolland imparted double onto our team. Once was in worship, which was powerful and the Lord spoke to me and called me a "fire starter"! (That is my global level of partnership.) I saw myself as a lighter/flint that sparked and a flame came! I saw in the Spirit the heat of the Holy Spirit and He told me to blow two times. Then I saw the heat of the Holy Spirit spread in the church! Impartation came! - Judith