Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

Russia/Ukraine September 2011

Russia/Ukraine Sinus Pressure

A young lady had allergies and much pressure in her sinus. Said nobody else had this problem in her family. After we prayed her nose started to run...

Russia/Ukraine Ovary Pain

Woman with female problems in her right ovary came for prayer. Her Doctor couldn’t help her she said. She was in a lot of pain. After we prayed all...

Russia/Ukraine Kidney Problem

Lady in 70’s with diagnosed kidney problem and in pain. We prayed and all pain left. She said she believed the Lord set her free.

Russia/Ukraine 60 year old woman healed

A woman in her 60’s had pack pain. I did the legs and arms adjustment ministry and arms grew out about ½ inch adjustment before they were completely...

Russia/Ukraine Poor Eyesight

A young girl of 18 was healed of very poor eye sight. She could now see people’s faces across the roomand faces on a clock.

Russia/Ukraine Lower Back Pain

Prayed for man with a back injury. Lots of pain lower back and hips. First, much improvement. Prayed a second time and he was healed.

Russia/Ukraine Disease in the Breast

Prayed for a woman with some type of disease in her breast, not breast cancer, and cysts (on her ovaries?) in her womb. God touched her again and again...

Russia/Ukraine - Uterus Tear

I prayed for a lady with a tear in her uterus. I reminded her of Tanya’s word of knowledge. Prayed. She said she felt much better.

Russia/Ukraine - Stigmatism

Prayed for woman with a stigmatism in one eye and near-sighted in the other. She felt heat. I prayed again. She felt pressure behind eyes. Prayed again....

Russia/Ukraine - Back and Abdomen Pain

Prayed for a woman who strained her back and abdomen muscles. I asked how, she said digging andgardening. Prayed short prayer; before I finished she...

Russia/Ukraine - Fear

A woman came up feeling fear for her family. I prayed, breaking off fear and blessing and imparting identity, peace, joy, love. I prayed over her hands...

Russia/Ukraine - Pain in the Organs

A woman came with pain in her female organs. There were no infections, bladder problems, etc. I prayed and asked questions. She first only felt my hot...

Russia/Ukraine - Chest and Liver Pain

The next lady had pain in her chest and liver area. She had already had one healing on her ankle that night. I placed my hand on her abdomen, which...