Trip Testimonies

Read firsthand accounts of God’s goodness & power from our international trip team members. If you have been on a trip with us in the last few years, you can find testimonies from your trip below.

September Brazil 2013 - Sight Restored 2 Years after Accident

A 24 year-old man came for prayer for pain and decreased vision in the left eye. Two years ago he had been in a head-on collision in which his face hit the windshield. Prior to prayer, he could read the top line of my name tag from four feet away with his left eye. We prayed commanding prayers but saw no improvement.
We led him in a prayer to forgive the other driver. After he forgave the other driver, we prayed three minutes of commanding prayer. There was no eye pain and his vision improved so he could read the bottom line of the name tag. We prayed for about a minute more and then tested his vision. He broke out in a big smile as he read "Global Awakening" from 10 feet away. We compared reading with the right and left eye using my name tag as the test. There was no difference in the functioning of the two eyes! Thank you, Jesus! - Lynn and Phil