God is moving in amazing ways around the world, and year after year we see youth on our trips become ignited by the fires of genuine revival, we see them become grounded in knowing what God says about them and what is possible for their lives.

Youth Power Invasion is an opportunity like no other for young adults ages 15–29 to be trained and released into ministry. This is not your typical short-term missions trip; it is a jump start into a life of miracles, a launch into seeing the world through new eyes, and a deep-dive into the fullness of what Jesus purchased for His people.

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For youth, ages 15–29 who are asking, “What can God do in me? What can He do through me? Who am I made to be, and what can my life look like?”

This is the trip you've been waiting for!

How the Trip is Structured

Learn more about what to expect and how the trip is structured for youth and young adults attending YPI.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, the youth will be trained on how to pray for the sick, give words of knowledge, prophesy, and intercede. They will learn how to walk in love as they partner with the Holy Spirit. Special training will be available for those who feel called to preach and teach.


Phase 2

In Phase 2, Attack Force teams will spread out into the neighborhoods surrounding key churches. The attack force teams will be trained to evangelize, perform street worship, preach in local parks and complete social projects. Also in Phase 2, Attack Force teams will minister in smaller local churches along side Global Associates. For those over 29 desiring to go, we invite you to bring your youth and be a team leader.


Helpful Resources

Take advantage of these helpful resources to grow more confident in learning the language and culture of Brazil. There are also resources for helping with your fundraising efforts.

All team members are required to watch our orientation video, catching protocol and sharing a translator videos. Click here for videos
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