Tumor and Lumps Disappear

The last person I prayed for was a guy who had the lump (tumor) in his right arm. He not only had a lump but he pushed back his skin to show me he also had 6 more lumps on his upper arm. The only lump you could see was the ones he was showing me. I felt led to ask him how long he had the lumps; he said 4 years. 

I asked him what happened 4 years ago and he said his grandmother passed away and there was something about a curse. I then started to pray for him and broke off any curses. I sensed there was something on his shoulders so I commanded anything on him to leave him. He started crying and I could sense something was happening, so I grabbed an Interpreter to ask him what the Lord was doing? He said he felt peace coming in his heart and fire on both his arms. I asked about the lumps he said, “They are gone”. I grabbed his right arm and started pushing back his skin and the tumor had completely disappeared. It was amazing. PRAISE JESUS– Raj

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