Tumor Disappear

At Igreja Cristanismo Decidido, a young girl in her late teens maybe, approached me with my translator, describing to us that she had a nodule/palpable tumor in her R breast, painful to touch and rated at 7/10.  I could feel the fear she was carrying, fearful of what the nodule was and fearful of even asking for prayer.  I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and to fill her; after a moment, I prayed over her, gently placing my hand lightly over her chest, commanding the body to be healed in Jesus’ name, asking He remove the tumor now, that all damaged tissue be restored in Jesus’ name.  I saw the Divine physician performing surgery, cutting out the tumor, and removing all fear and all pain associated with it, rebuking any additional spirits of pain/fear to leave.  When we asked her how she felt, she said she felt peace enter in.  She said she felt good and when she touched the place on her breast, not only was her pain completely eliminated, but she could also no longer feel the nodule/tumor! We all thanked Jesus and praised God.  I felt there was an anointing over her life, so we prayed and blessed her, encouraging her to share with others what Jesus’ did in her body that night; she started crying feeling a touch from the Lord, and left with a newfound sense of joy and peace!

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