Tumors in Breast Go!

Anna Paola came to me and Rosa Zajia for prayers when they called out tumors in the breasts. She told me her mother had tumors of the breast and cancer at age 33 old. She was 34 years old and does not have cancer but had benign tumors. Three weeks ago surgery was done on her right breast tumors. We lay hands on her left side to be healed.

We prayed for complete healing and a double portion that she would receive and that the general curse for her daughter wouldn’t come to pass. I laid hands on her stomach and asked her if she need to forgive anyone. She said her mother-in-law. She forgave a month ago. I told her she need to pray to Jesus for forgiveness herself. She was crying non-stop while doing the prayer. She was sweating with heat so much that I felt her clothes getting wet. We asked her to go and check her breast. She was shocked – no more tumor! She ran with me to the stage so Pastor Randy could tape her. Amen, amen. She was an Interpreter for the church.
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