Tumors on Arm Decrease, Pain Goes 100%

During the evening session at Vida Nova, I was praying for a lady named Sonya. She had tumors on her left arm above her wrist. There were three bumps – big, medium and small. 

She said that it hurt a lot. So I started to pray for her. I prayed that God would heal her and that the pain and tumors did not belong there. I commanded the pain and tumors to ne hone in the name Jesus. I also prayed for some other things. Then I looked up to ask her how she was feeling. The interpreter asked her how she was feeling. Sonya said that she was feeling heat on her arm, but that it still hurt. So I prayed for her again. After the second prayer and as we were waiting for the interpreter, Sonya began to lean into me. I thought she was going to give me a hug but noticed she was falling to the floor. I caught her in time to slowly lower her to the floor. About five minutes later she got up and I asked the interpreter to ask her how she was feeling. Sonya replied, “I’m good. It does note hurt anymore the pain is all gone. The pain is 100% gone.” We both praised Jesus. She did not say if the tumors were gone, but it definitely looked like it went down. – Anonymous

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