Two Backs Relieved of Pain

The first gentleman I prayed for on December 13th had a sharp pain in his back for a month. We prayed one short prayer, and the pain was 100% gone. 

Next I prayed for María, an elderly woman suffering for 2 years with back issues. She could not bend or do house work. She was also having issues with her liver. We started with the back, and I prayed for her a short prayer commanding her body to align with the Word of God as she is a child of God. When we stopped praying, she said she was a little better, so we prayed a second time. During this prayer, my left hand was on her back, and I felt an intense heat go through it. I stopped and asked her if she felt that, and as the translator asked she moved her back, and I heard two pops. She smiled really big and bent over and touched the ground. She hasn’t done that in 2 years. She said she felt tremors come from the ground up, and she is healed. We prayed again for her liver and are believing to hear a great report as we saw God moving in Maria’s body. 

Brandon, Pastor

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