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Two Men Healed. One Regains Memory & Mobility. Other Eyesight Restored!

It was a small church. The daughter of a very elderly man (over 85) asked me to pray for his confusion and his mobility. We went to where he was seated and I asked her to lay hands on him as we both prayed. 

She immediately noticed his memory had come back. He looked bright–eyed and got up without his walking stick and started walking. He was so excited. Since it was a small church and people knew each other, people around started clapping. He stretched out his legs and even walked up the steps to the platform and gave thanks to God.

As a result of this, the man next to him asked me to pray for his eyesight. I’m not sure how bad his vision was beforehand, but I understand it was very bad as he had had cataract operations. I prayed three times and each time his sight got better. He then picked up his Bible and read it without any glasses. He also was so thankful and everyone clapped. He was a pastor. Praise God! He also went onto the platform and gave testimony by reading the Bible to the congregation. Everyone overjoyed for him. – Helen

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