Can God Do That For Me?

A man came for prayer because his marriage and business were both falling apart. He confessed that he knew God had a calling on his life. So we asked the Father to heal his broken heart with hope and peace again, to restore him as a son and ultimately silence the voice of the accuser. 

As we held each other, the Father poured out His love on this man and he began to uncontrollably weep. God was filling him with His heart of love. After a few minutes the weeping turned to laughter and joy! This man literally got an exchange. He went from wearing a cloak of despair and hopelessness to wearing a garment of praise that was manifesting in joy! From that place we then prayed for his wife and marriage and for the calling God has on his life. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted!

As we finished a man right next to us immediately grabbed me and said, “Can God do that for me too?” I said, “ YES!” As we began to pray he shared that he had been molested as a 5-year-old boy. So we asked Jesus to come and rescue that little boy. This man is in his early 20’s now. Jesus began to show him His face and then He came and carried him out of that abuse! The man was weeping but it was tears of peace! The captives are set free! God then began to speak the truth about sex and what God designed it for it to be. It was beautiful as the deceiver and his lies were being replaced with God’s love and truth! We finished as he continued to worship! Thirty minutes later he came and found me to tell me the rest of the story. He had been in a homosexual relationship and just communicated with his partner what God had done to rescue and heal him. There was so much peace and freedom on his face.

We hugged and the man left. God told me as we were hugging that our trusting God to pray for people in the market place for healing and deliverance will lead those who are trapped in homosexual relationships to ask the same question as they witness the love of God being poured out on others. “Can God do that for me too?” Oh, Yes He can! God’s love never fails!

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