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Two People Healed of Sciatic Nerve Pain After Forgiveness

In Bauru, Brazil, I met Gladys, 38. She had fallen off a horse twenty years ago. She suffered from lower back and sciatic pain. With her consent, I placed my hand on her left hip and asked God, our Father, to send His Holy Spirit in power to restore Gladys from the injury and remove the sciatica from her. Then I began commanding the back to come into perfect condition and proper function and the sciatic nerve to be at peace, in Jesus’ name. All the while, I could feel the healing sensation I experience in my hand when the Lord is healing someone. However, Gladys began to double over in pain and weep. I asked her if there was anyone that she needed to forgive. She said there wasn’t. I asked if perhaps she hadn’t forgiven herself, and she nodded yes. I suggested to Gladys that she may receive her healing if she prayed asking the Lord’s forgiveness for her not giving the issue up to him all those years ago. Silently she prayed quickly. Then again I prayed for the sciatica to go, the back to be restored, and Gladys to be set free from pain and inflammation, in Jesus’ name. Instantly, Gladys was all smiles and said there was no pain remaining. She hugged me and thanked me. I told her to thank Jesus. He is her healer.

At that same church that evening, the Lord put a burden on my heart as I watched a man during the Sovereign Healing Prayers. It was so apparent how desperately he wanted relief from back pain. It was also apparent that it did not happen for him. I asked an interpreter to inquire of him whether he would permit me to pray for his back to be healed. He was kneeling, his chest and head on the seat of the chair where he had been sitting. When the interpreter spoke to him, he agreed and got up.  His name was James. For two years, James had low back pain and sciatic pain down his left leg. James told me that it felt like he had a hole in his sciatic nerve. Having just prayed for a woman with back and sciatic nerve pain, I didn’t want a repeat of seeing pain at first get worse before healing. So I inquired whether he needed to forgive anyone, even himself. He said he needed to forgive himself. So I said he might pray, asking the Lord to forgive him for holding onto the issue and not giving it up to Him. He said that he also needed to forgive his father. Once he prayed for forgiveness and forgave his father, with James permission, I set my hand on his back and prayed the Holy Spirit would come, in Jesus’ name, restoring James’ back and sciatic nerve to perfect condition and function. I commanded all inflammation and pain to leave and not return, his sciatic nerve to be at peace, in Jesus’ name. James now was smiling and indicated that he had no pain remaining. He praised the Lord and hugged me. I reminded him that Jesus is his healer and told him that as a Christian, he had authority to command the pain to leave in Jesus’ name if it tried to return.       – Stephanie, Homemaker

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