Two Sore Throats, a Hernia, Joints, and Scoliosis in One Night

First on December 12th, I prayed for a young woman with a sore throat, sinus pain, and headache. I asked Holy Spirit to come, commanded inflammation to go, infection to go, and pain to go in Jesus’ Name. I asked how she was. She said she felt heat and was improved. I prayed again with two fingers touching each side of her throat. I checked again, and she said she was 100% better.

Next an older woman with a hernia approached for prayer. I prayed 5 times commanding intestine to go back, for muscle to knit back together. Each time the bulge got smaller until there was no bulge at all!

Then a young woman, Danielle, had a sore throat. We prayed 3 times, commanding inflammation to go, infection to go, and pain to go in Jesus’ Name. She was 100% healed.

A woman with pain in all her joints approached me next. I asked her, “when did it start?” She said when she was 10-years-old. I asked Holy Spirit to come. I thanked Jesus that he is the great healer. I put hands on her wrists and prayed, commanding inflammation and pain to go in Jesus’ Name. Then I did the same for her knees and ankles where she had pain. She tested it, and she was 100% healed.

I asked Julia, my 13-year-old interpreter, if she wanted prayer for anything. She said scoliosis in her upper back. I prayed commanding back to straighten and inflammation around any nerves to go. Julia had no pain, but would have to look in a mirror at home to see and test her back. She was believing in her healing.

Added 12/13/19:  Julia, my 13-year-old translator from before came for prayer again for her scoliosis. I put a hand on her back and prayed, thanking Jesus for being her healer. I asked Holy Spirit to come. I commanded the spine to straighten, any inflammation of nerves to leave, and all pain to go in Jesus’ Name. This time she felt something shift in her back, and she got a big smile on her face. She reached around to feel her shoulder blades and cried out, “They are the same! Jesus healed me!” We both thanked God together and cried with joy.

Rick, Ministry Leader

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