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Two Women Healed of Shoulder Pain

Sixty-two-year-young Rhonda asked for prayer for her right shoulder which was painful when she would try to sleep, especially if she turned on that side. I laid my hand on her right shoulder and the other on her forehead. 

After praising God I called upon His Holy Spirit to come in power and heal whatever the problems was in her shoulder, whether it was muscular, a tendon, or ligament and that the shoulder be restored and healed. Then I had Rhonda lean hard against my hand, putting resistance on it as if she were lying on that shoulder in bed. She felt no pain.
At the end of church service, I prayed healing for both shoulders and both knees of Donna, who was age 59. I began by asking the Father to send His mighty Holy Spirit to restore her shoulders, repairing any damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments to remove inflammation and pain in Jesus’ name. The shoulder was quickly healed. I prayed again for the left shoulder to be fully restored to a healthy condition and it was. Then I prayed for both knees, commanding any inflammation to leave and not return, for the spirit of pain to leave and for any damage to cartilage to be repaired. Both knees were relieved of pain. Donna was delighted that both her shoulders and her knees were freed from pain. – Stephanie

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