Unforgiveness Resolved, Back Pain Healed!

When Randy Clark called for the people who had some sort of metal in their body to stand up, I noticed a young lady about 18 years old who was standing with a desperate look on her face. She had not raised her hand when Randy asked whether they were either 80% or completely healed.

After the team had begun praying for impartation and starting healing prayer, I noticed the young lady was not coming up for prayer. I tried motioning to her to come up for prayer, but she did not see me. A little while later, I motioned again and she came up. With the help of a translator, I asked the girl her name (but promptly forgot what it was). I asked her what she would like prayer for. She had pain in the middle of her back which on a pain scale of 1 to 10 was a 4. I asked if she had any metal in her back and she said no. I asked her how long it had been hurting and she said one week. She really did not know how she hurt it. Based on our training, this was an indication to me that she was harboring some unforgiveness. I asked her if she had any unforgiveness toward her father and she said yes. Then I asked her if she had any toward her mother and she said yes. I asked her if he was willing to forgive her parents and she said yes. I walked her through a prayer of forgiveness toward each parent which included forgiving them and then blessing them. I didn’t ask if her pain was gone after this but held my hand by the middle of her back and prayed in the name of Jesus that the pain go from a 4 to a zero. After I prayed, she said the pain went to a zero.

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