Uterine Cancer Healed!

I prayed for a woman who had been diagnosed with uterine cancer and was scheduled for surgery the next week. I looked to see if I could find a female team member to pray with me and when the translator told her what I was doing she went into panic.

She said, “NO, NO God told me you, you were the one to pray for me.” After I prayed and questioned what was happening, she said she immediately felt heat when I prayed. I blessed what God was doing and continued to pray for her healing and the intensity of the heat increased. She went to the floor under the power of His presence and she couldn’t move. I felt like I was to soak her in Holy Spirit’s presence and power and lay hands on her so I had her friend lay hands on her then placed my hands over her friend’s hands in the area of her uterus. Suddenly the impression to rebuke the spirit of cancer came upon me. The second time I commanded the spirit of cancer out of her, the countenance of the woman changed and her hands with incredible strength began to push our hands off of her with a guttural voice repeating of the word, “NO! NO! NO!” as I commanded the cancer to go. After several more times of commanding it to go, her hands dropped to her side in complete peace. Holy Spirit told me she believed this to be a punishment from God for what she had done. I asked a translator to tell her God was not using the cancer to punish her for what she had done. He had revealed to me what it was and I asked her if she believed it was punishment. She said she did and although I knew she had already repented, I asked her if she had. She indicated she had asked forgiveness for her sin so I told her that the enemy was trying to keep healing from her based on the lie that she had not been forgiven. She recognized this statement as truth. I had her renounce the lie, receive and verbalize that God had forgiven her and that the lie was not going to keep her from the healing we believed she had received. I soaked her in the Father’s presence for several more minutes and stood by her as I ministered to others in prayer. She remained in His presence for a long time. When she was able to get off the floor she even looked different.

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