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Vision of Young Boy Being Pulled Out of Water Brings Comfort

On the first day, I was still on the plane descending to Heathrow when I had this vision of a young boy being pulled out of water. It shocked me. I did not know what to make of it. So after thinking about it for a while, I let it go. After landing and getting luggage we boarded the bus on our way to Bedford. As we were traveling there, the vision of the boy being pulled out of the water came again and I was bewildered. Then we settled at the hotel and walked into town for dinner. I was surprised to see that our hotel was right next to a river and as we all crossed the bridge, I again saw the same vision of the boy being pulled out of the water! Shocking! I did not tell anyone about it, not even my husband. I saw that same vision three times that day. The following night during our 3rd meeting at the King’s Arms church, Randy spoke about words of knowledge and about being obedient to bring them forth if we had any. I knew then what God wanted me to do. I was very emotional when my turn came. I just stated the vision and my lack of understanding about the meaning of it. I stated the fact that I saw it three times. When people came for prayer, I ended up facing three different men at about 10 minute intervals. Each one of them had almost drowned when they were around 8 to 12 years of age. Each one had been pulled out just in time. Each one had a special need that they wanted prayer for. It was amazing to me that God had pulled them out of a crowd of 5 or 600 just through the 3 visions. One wanted prayer for his ministry, the other was having problems with conceiving children with his wife, and the third was in a wheelchair. I prayed with them and believe that God is working a miracle in each of their lives. – Ann, Retired

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