Voice of the Prophets

Network Advance

Global Awakening Network

2023 Update

Over the years we’ve hosted a Network Advance at the beginning of the Voice of the Prophets. In lieu of this separate mini-conference, this year we’ve decided to host a private dinner and a special session for current Network members only. 

We’re excited about opportunity to be a bit more relational and intentional with our current Network pastors and leaders. Be sure to check in with the Network booth upon your arrival to the Voice of the Prophets for all the details!


5:00 pm Private Dinner for current Network members only

10:00 am – 12:30 pm Impartation for current Network Members Only

Find Your Tribe

If you’re not currently a Network member and would like to know more, come visit us at the Network booth on-site or click the link below.

Through out the year the network will gather together to encourage one another in our mission to advance the kingdom. There will be times of impartation, testimony, teaching and worship. Come and discover a community of leaders united in their pursuit of revival, commitment to the body, and worship of the King.

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