Woman, 70, Healed of Leg Pain after Forgiving

I prayed for a lady around age 70 who had pain in her legs, swollen legs, problem with the veins and difficulty walking. After asking the Holy Spirit to come and fill her, I asked if she needed to forgive anyone.

She mentioned her ex-husband. She forgave and released him into the freedom of her forgiveness. We prayed some more for healing and asked Jesus to send healing angels. I spoke over her repeatedly that she was so precious to the Lord. We got up to try the legs and she danced on the spot with the translator. I asked Holy Spirit to fill her up with joy. She began laughing. She said she felt so much lighter and that her legs were 80% better. Praise God. There was a visible change to her face and she was filled with joy. She looked so much different at the end. – Rhoda

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