Woman Healed of Fibromyalgia & Deafness!

After 30 years of pursuing gifts of healing, I am now for the first time seeing God do significant physical healing through me. Tonight Randy Clark preached on healing. As people came forward for prayer, a middle-aged lady stood before me telling of several physical problems. 

With the help of a wonderful interpreter named Philippi, I began to rebuke her pain over all her body from fibromyalgia. I was confident God would reduce it when she said her pain level was a full 10. She apparently used morphine to kill the pain at times. Her husband was confirming everything she said. I felt faith arise in me and the power of God came on me and her (the translator even felt it) as I began to speak to the pain. After rebuking the pain three times in Jesus Name, the pain was a 0 level! Tremendous! Then she told us she had that pain for 28 years. We were really shocked. Wow! God really hit a home run, I thought.

Then she said she had ear problems. Her left ear was totally deaf and her right ear had 20% hearing so she used a hearing aid. I did not feel as confident this time but thought the Lord would do something if we addressed this need. She had a lot of faith and I had more than usual for healing at that point. After 3 times of commanding the ear to open, it was about 80% healed. A deaf ear! Her husband confirmed it by whispering to her. Then she told us that parts of that inner ear were missing! God did a work-a-round! Amazing! My translator was beside himself. I was mainly in shock but very happy. The couple was overjoyed.

Next we addressed the right ear with 20% hearing. This time I had the translator put his hand on her ear and my hand was on his. He prayed and commanded the ear to open. It went to 70% open. One more prayer by him and it went to 80%. Both ears had been damaged for 20 years. I was so glad he got to pray the last two times. I wanted him to know he could do it. He was pretty overwhelmed by then.

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