Woman Healed of Hip Pain. Catcher Healed of Multiple Problems

I had a word of knowledge for pain in the left hip going down the leg, and a lady came up who had pain in both legs.  I started praying for her and she fell under the power. When she arose she said she was 50% better. I prayed for her again. She fell and again. When she arose, she said she was completely healed.    

I prayed for a young man with shoulder issues. After prayer he regained mobility in his shoulder. He also wanted prayer for emotional pain. When I asked what caused it, he said he was having a hard time forgiving his father, who had abandoned the family. He said “I forgive my father” and then quickly left.

I prayed for one of the catchers, who had multiple problems. I prayed first for his legs, which were healed. I prayed next for his back and stomach. His back was healed. His ankles started hurting after his legs were healed, so I cast out a spirit of affliction and prayed full healing and the closing of any doors opened to the enemy. I then asked about how his stomach was hurt. He had hurt it lifting a heavy item. I asked if he had verbally forgiven himself and he said no. I asked him to forgive himself. He did and then when I prayed for his hernia, it felt a lot better to him. Even more he had peace in his soul. Praise Jesus! – Christopher Small, Engineer

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