Woman Healed of Lower Abdominal Pain

An older woman had come for prayer last evening. She had had lots of pain in her lower abdomen area. She had had the pain for several weeks and did not remember how the pain had started. 

I had asked her to place her own hand on the area that hurt, and I asked if I could place my hand on top of her hand. I started to pray for her. She felt heat all over her body. I asked if the abdomen area felt better. Apart from the heat she did not feel any change. I prayed again and declared complete healing in Jesus’ name. I asked if there was any change. She said that there was not. Since there was no change in her condition, I told her that the Lord had started the healing and I wanted her to come back the next day. The following day I saw her while I was praying for someone else. When I finished, she told me that when she got back home the night before, the pain had increased first. Very soon after that the pain left completely. She was completely healed and had no more pain in her lower abdomen. We thanked the Lord together.
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