Woman Healed of Migraine, Pain in Her Leg & “Dropped Female Parts”

We went to a smaller church, Itagui, with Tom with maybe 250 people there. During ministry time a woman came asked for prayer for three things – a bad migraine headache, pain down the back of her left leg and an issue regarding her “female parts”. 

She said her female parts had dropped and caused pain because things were in the wrong place. I told her I would pray for all three, but because so many people wanted prayer, I was going to praying English while my interpreter talked to the next person and find out what they wanted prayer for. So I began to pray first for the lower abdomen area, asking Jesus to restore everything and correct what had dropped. Then I prayed for her head rebuking the headache and finally prayed for her leg. I pulled my interpreter back over to talk to her and find out how things had changed which I began to pray for the next lady. But my interpreter quickly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back over. She said that then I started praying the woman felt a fire in her lower abdomen and it felt like someone reached in there and lifted everything back into place. All the pain was gone. Oh, my goodness, we were ecstatic! Then she said again that all the pain was gone – pointing to her head and her leg. One short prayer and this woman received complete healing! Thank you, Jesus! – Nancy, Production Control Manager
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