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Woman Healed of Neck Injury, Range of Motion Restored!

My word of knowledge was a neck injury from a car accident that caused lots of pain and the neck needed restored movement. A woman came for prayer as the details of the word were correct. 

We took authority over the trauma, led her in forgiveness of the guilty party and removed the spirit of death and fear. Her pain level went from an 8 to a 7. I continued to ask details. Holy Spirit said, “Ask her about the Masonic in the blood line.” She said her grandparents were involved at a high level. I prayed off the curse and pain level went to a 3. Inner healing and a change of mind set were taking place. Her mama had passed of cancer this past year. Her Dad was in a deep depression. She stood in on his behalf and I removed depression and prayed for more restoration of the neck trauma. I cursed cancer from her and the family for generations to come. Tears of healing flowed heavily. She forgave many and asked Jesus to erase that track record. The pain completely was gone and neck movement was restored! Such deep peace, joy, laughter and freedom were very evident. Hallelujah!
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