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Woman Receives Four Healings in One Evening!

In Abuja, a lady came for prayer with severe pain in her left ear and shoulder pain from a bone spur that has recently been x-rayed. After a very short prayer the pain receded just a little. 

I prayed again and the power of God came on her and she fell back on the floor but raised her head up from the floor and shifted her weight to the right arm. I asked her how she felt and she moved her neck around several times and was shocked that the pain has gone. She then put her finger in her ear and she said that the heat was gone and she had no more pain. As I sat next to her on the floor, she also told me that she had pain in her left hip. After a quick prayer, she was also completely healed. She then explained to me that her vision was healed earlier when Tom prayer for corporate healing, so she had four healings that evening. I then told her that Jesus had healed her body and now he was going to heal her heart. I touched her and she began to cry and fell out under God’s power and just began to receive his love and healing. – Alison

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