Woman’s Back Pain and Eyesight Healed in Restaurant

On our trip to Brazil, besides the big meetings, we wanted to go on outreach. We found three ladies in line for lunch. The mother was in a wheelchair and had her two daughters with her. One of the daughters could speak a little English, so we asked her if we could pray for her mother. She had so much back pain that she had to be in a wheelchair. All of us laid hands on her and prayed for her back. Then we also noticed she needed healing in her eyes. We prayed again. She tried out her back and said there was no pain. So I asked if she could stand and twist her back. She did that and was standing alone, so I had her take a few steps. Her back was completely healed. Then she wanted to sit at a table with her daughters for lunch, and she did not want the wheelchair anymore. And she could read letters easily on a cup, so her eyes were better too. We turned around, and the restaurant’s employees had all been watching and were smiling and talking about it. Thank you Jesus!     – Nancy, Pastor

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