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Woman’s Eyes Get Healed and Vision Totally Restored

A woman came forward for prayer. I noticed as she came forward that she was walking slowly and with careful steps. She explained she was unable to see and wanted healing for her eyes. She was very difficult to understand, but I believe she was saying she had a problem behind her eyes that was destroying her vision. I was unable to determine the cause due to difficulty with English. I felt the Holy Spirit was indicating it was due to disease and not injury.

I prayed a prayer of petition in the name and power of Jesus. I asked her if her vision had improved. She replied yes but I felt it was not a complete healing. So I prayed a second time, commanding in the name of Jesus for her eyes to be healed and all vision restored. She reported her vision had returned. She spent the next minute looking around as if her eyes were refocusing. She stated again her eyes were healed and vision was restored. We continued to give glory and thanks to God our healer.

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