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Woman’s Four Herniated Discs Healed by Fire from Holy Spirit!

A lady came up for prayer for her back (middle area). She said the doctor told her she had four herniated discs. She could no longer work and applied for disability. She asked for healing.

I prayed for her back twice and she said she felt heat. Pain had been at a 10, and after I prayed she said pain was at zero- no pain! Praise Jesus! She also asked for prayer for three cysts on her ovaries/uterus. She said she felt heat and believed she was healed. She then asked for prayer for a relationship she is in. Due to it being similar to a relationship I was in (in the past), I gave part of my testimony. She became undone and said she didn’t think it was a coincidence that I was the one to pray for her. We then found out we have the same first name. Thank you, Jesus for physical healing and thank you, Holy Spirit for moving in her relationships. – Elizabeth

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