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Woman’s Knees Totally Healed After Prayer

I prayed for a lady in her mid-40s, who was rather heavy and was walking with quite a bit of pain. I asked her what she wanted prayer for. She had had knee surgery on both knees that was unsuccessful. 

In fact surgery had made her knees worse. Her pain level was at an 8. She walked gingerly and could not bend her knees. I prayed for the inflammation to go down, for the knee caps to be creatively repaired, as well as for the tendons and ligaments.  I asked her if the Lord was doing anything. She said she couldn’t tell. I prayed again the same way, and she began to feel some tingling in her legs. She said the pain was down to a six. She still didn’t have range of motion. I prayed again. All the pain went away and she could now bend her knees with full range of motion. She was quite delighted. 

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