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Woman’s Leg Grows Out, Back & Hearing Healed!

A Thai woman with back pain and hearing issues came for prayer. She was wearing two hearing aids. I asked if we could check her legs first to see if the back pain was due to unequal leg lengths.

They were approximately 1” to 1-1/2” different. We prayed that the left leg would grow longer. It did not immediately. As we continued to pray, the leg started to grow and they became the same length. We asked her to stand and check her back. The pain was 40% gone. We prayed for her back and all the pain left. Then we wanted to pray for her hearing and she removed the hearing aids. I asked that we see how far she could hear a person so we tested it out. When we did, she realized God was already healing her ears! As we were laying hands on her ears, my hands were hot. Then we waited on God awhile. When we checked again she could hear better than me! LOL! Praise God!!
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