Woman’s Memory Loss Goes after Deliverance!

God gave me a word of knowledge for memory loss. A woman in her mid-50s approached me for prayer. When asked when this started, she explained her life history. She had converted to Christianity from witchcraft and had backslidden. 

She confessed to several emotional and physical affairs. After asking her about her relationship with her father, she wept and recounted her earliest memory of him rejecting her with unkind words about her physical appearance. I led her in prayers of forgiveness for her father and broke off the associated curses. But when she couldn’t remember the names of men with whom she had soul ties, I attempted to break them off anyway. She manifested an evil spirit and cried out, “No!” After further cutting off, she fell under the power of the Spirit. She was set free and thanked me as she left later. Her eyes were full of peace and gratitude. – Teresa

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