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Woman’s Neck Healed After Being Touched by the Father’s Love

During the outreach, I stayed behind with the intercessory team to minister to people at the church.  I was partnered with a member of the church intercessory team named Aisha. We ministered inner healing and deliverance to two ladies about 50 – 60 years old named Ula.  She came for healing for her hand but I got a word of knowledge about her neck. We prayed and her hand was healed but her neck was still bothering her.

I felt that I should ask if I can give her a father’s hug; she agreed. Her tears were flowing uncontrollably as I gave her a hug. During service that night and the next day, she came by with Aisha and thanked me several times and noted she has not received much affection/hugs from her dad. Her countenance from a day prior has dramatically changed to a joyful person. I prayed for her neck again and she was completely healed. 


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