Woman’s Right Foot Healed. Range of Motion Restored!

An older woman came to receive prayer for healing of her right foot. About five years ago she tripped because of a hole in the pavement and broke her right leg just above her ankle. 

She had to go through multiple surgeries and a metal plate had to be inserted in order to stabilize the lower part of her leg. She lost most of her movement in her foot and could hardly move it. The pain level was at 9 before we started praying. I commanded the leg and bones including ankle to be healed and completely be restored. I commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. After re-interviewing I repeated the commands and thanked the Holy Spirit for what He was doing. I asked the lady to start moving the foot. Little by little she regained movement back and was able to tilt her foot and move it in circular direction. She confirmed an 80% improvement and stated that the pain was gone too. We clapped our hands fifteen times and thanked Jesus for the healing. – Daniel

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