Woman’s Shin Bones Straightened and Ankles Healed

I passed a woman with her shoes off and pants rolled up. She stopped me and asked me to pray for her. She said she had already been prayed for but her feet still rolled. I had to fight the thought, “she didn’t get healed when someone else prayed for her so what’s the point in you praying?” Pushing the thought away I said, “Sure, what is your name?” “Larissa Casagrande,” she replied, “my feet aren’t flat, they roll out, my ankles are turned.

I held both ankles in my hands and said “ankles be healed, ankles straighten in Jesus Name.” I did not feel anything and asked her to get up and walk. She walked and came back and sat down. She ran her fingers down her shin bone and said, “Look! It’s straight and it used to be curved.” It was straight. God straightened her shin bone so that she could walk properly. Praise God.


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