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Woman’s Shoulder Healed After Ten Years of Pain

We released words of knowledge tonight and God gave me the word for pain in the right shoulder and not being able to lift the arm up all the way. There were at least seven people that came forward for prayer for shoulder pain and all were healed. One woman in particular had suffered pain in her right shoulder for about ten years.

She could lift her arm about halfway. I prayed and she said it was hot. We thanked Jesus for the heat and prayed again. The power of God came powerfully on her and she fell to the floor, crying out “It very hot”! When she got up, she said the pain was gone! It had previously been about level 8 and now NO pain! I asked her if she could move it freely and her eyes became wide open in amazement as she raised her arm over her head. It had been ten years since she could do that. – Nancy, Production Control Manager

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